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1964 Hamburg

2012 Premiere of the 6 hour 20 min. noise piece MOUNTAINS at University of Maine-Farmington, by students and faculty members. Premiere of the trio WORKINGS by Ensemble Lula (Frank Abbinanti: piano, Guilhermo Gregorio: clarinet, Ross Nuno: tuba) , at Heaven’s Galery, Chicago. Taking lessons in composition with Chris Newman.Writing new piano music, for Frank Abbinanti; “songs from the hill” (on poems by Robert Lax), for Natalia Pschenitschnikova.

2011 1st price in the international composition-contest Fereydoon Moshiri, announced by the Ensemble Work in Progress; KODAM GOBAR was premiered on 2.12. at Hamburger Klangwerktage. Performances of my works at the University of Maine-Farmington and at EXPERIMENTAL INTERMEDIA (New York City) by sonic update. Moving to Berlin. Working on Jakob Ullmann’s graphic score “Voice Books and Fire” with the 7hours study-group. Directing I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY AND I’M SAYING IT, a collection of New Music pieces for Megaphone Orchestra (a project initiated by Bill Diez and  Ensemble Zwischentöne) on Blurred Edges Festival of current music in Hamburg.

2010 Simple music (for laymen ensemble) at the opening of Maki Takano's exhibition "Happiness", at Liget Galeria, Budapest. Founding sonic update, in collaboration with Gustavo Aguilar. Release on zeromoon, netlabel.

2009 New series of concerts startied, under the label "Initiative 21 (Musik des 21. Jh.)".

2008 Publishing of CD "Ordinary Music Vol.3" on Creative Sources Records. "Ordinary Music", a series of pieces for various instrumentations, written in diagram notation. Performances in Hamburg, Barcelona and Lisbon (with Ernesto Rodriguesz and his "variable geometric orchestra").

2007 Collaboration with the dancer Diego Chamy. Compositions: "Mechanismen(1. & 2. Kapitel)" for piano, "Zustände" for string quartett, "light I-VII" (based on poems by robert lax) for mixed choire, "Expressis Verbis" (meta-composition in prose), "date-piece" for vokal-ensemble, "Noise" for Cello Ensemble, "Phasen" for solo violin. Essay: "Vom Sinn und Zweck der Kunst". Continuation of "Farbfelddifferenzierungen" (>2002).

2006 current work on piano-pieces , musical diary (in sheets). Performance of "Passagen, Heft 1" , by Tatjana Prelevic, during "Blurred Edges" (10 Tage aktuelle Musik in Hamburg). Ausstellung "ANNA" in "Liget-Galeria", Budapest. Performance of the graphical score "Edges" (Christian Wolff), with Moxi Beidenegel and Hannes Wienert. Compositions: "Artikulation 1" and "Passagen (5 & 3)" for piano, "Schichtwechsel" for stringquartett.

2004/05  Autodidaktic musical studies. "Passagen, Heft 1 & 2", for piano. Foundation of "serve music (for graphical scores)", with Sascha Demand, Sonja Roczek, Hannes Wienert. Recording of selected pages from the graphical score "Treatise" by Cornelius Cardew, on CD-Rom: nurnichtnur (LC 05245 / Berlston: 105 1006 C+P 2005). Folder "Spielfelder", on the border of autonomous graphic and graphical notation. Cofounder of FORUM NEUE MUSIK, in der Christianskirche, Hamburg Ottensen.

2003 "10 Statements...". Cycle of paintings "Steine", as final studies on the economy of form. Videoanimation "Loop 1", Realisation by Thomas Heyn (image) and Guy Saldanha (sound).

2002  Cycle of paintings "Farbfelddifferenzierungen", a study of contrast.

2001  Coorganizer of the poetryfestival "The Poetic Principle", with Péter Litván, in Budapest. Performance of "Die letzte Vorstellung", Goethe-Institut Budapest, with Tracy Splinter. Translation of prose and poetry, from hungarian into german: György Erdély, Sándor Tatár, Talán Sebeö, János Lackfi a.a., publication a.a. in IABILIS. Recording of 50-minute piano-piece "Quadratur", a study of intervals, performed by Tünde Goszola.

2000  Moving back to Hamburg. Finalization of informal studies in a series of monotypes, concerning the issue of randomness and setting, as aspects of nature and aesthetics. Development of collage-technique with coloured paper, lacking manuel apply of paint (deleting traces of craftwork). First geometrical abstractions, in which painting is reduced on pure setting of colour. Occupation with poetry. A bunch of poems originate, on the border of image- and sound poetry.

1999  Performace of the monologue "Die letzte Tragödie" (Madách-treatment), at Café Eckermann, Goethe-Institut, Budapest.

1998 - 2000   Residence in Berlin. Development of a collage-technique, with coloured papers, in combination with painting; abstraction in the spirit of the modern masters. Work on the monologue"Die letzte Vorstellung", that varies the issue of nonrepresentality in the medium of spoken language.

1998  Turning back to painting. Some formal/informal oil- and acryl- paintings originate, concerning the issue of formation and dissolation.

1997  Performance of the one-act play "The last Prayer", with Míhály Víg and György Erdély, R.S.9, Budapest. Recording of the composition "Quintett", performed by Róbert Facski. Tapecomposition "Rechtssoziologie", making use of a text by Niklas Luhmann (cut-up technique). Series of miniature-collages, made from art-calendar images (Picasso, Miró, Klimt, etc.).

1996 - 98  "Shapes and Pieces", an ensemble of plastical works (wood, coloured varnish), for installation in livingrooms (in combination with furniture/items of practical use).

1996 Performance of the one-act play "Protokoll", with Anna Rozsahegyi, R.S.9 Studio-Szinház, Budapest. First attempts of musical notation. Contakt with the hungarian composer Gábor Litván, Member of the "Józsika"- choire.

1995/96  Temporarily back in Hamburg, work as a dishwasher at "Strand-Café", Finalization of "early works". Foundation of the free-pop group "vier minus eins", with FX Schröder and Kai Engelhardt. Organizer of music- and literature events. Short-stories, unter the pen-name "Karl Messer".

1992 - 95 "Mikrokosmos", a series of abstract-informal graphics/gouaches, concerning the idea of shape as a result of motion. Publishing of writings (a.a on Gerhard Richter, A.R. Penck) in the hungarian art-magazine BALKON. Musical improvisation, solo as well as in a row-orchestra; several tape-recordings.

1992 - 98  Residence in Budapest, Hungary.

1990 - 92  "Early works": landscape & portrait.

1989/90   Gueststudies with A.R. Penck, at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Subjects: "form/space/body", "appearence and significance". Sketches on the speed of lining: trying to synchronize the speed of drawing and the speed of thought.

1989 Rift with Prof. Graubner; extensive strolls in the forest

1988-91  Studies of visual arts (freie Kunst) at HfbK Hamburg, with K.P. Bremer and Gotthard Graubner.