Trio Americano

Each of ten pages provides different proportions regarding time structure and density. Indications refer to moments of attacs. Parametric decisions must be made in realtime. Performers may play from the same or from different pages simultaneously. They must agree upon a reference-tempo, playing in relations of 3:4, 5:4 etc., or unison.

Three levels of a notation system refer to either register (in terms of high/middle/low), sound-source (e.g.: wood/metal/skin), or technique (e.g.: pizzicato/bowing/singing). The tonerange of each level should approximately correspond to a third of the instrument’s total tonerange (or a third of the total tonerange the player decides to use); for percussion: at least three different soundsources for each level must be chosen. Each player decides for himself how to read and adjust the notation to his instrument with respect to the given instructions.

The piece has been premiered at Experimental Intermedia Festival, NY-City, in 2011, by sonic update. For this event I have worked out an electric version together with the trio:

Gustavo Aguilar: electric drumset
Steven Pane: keyboard
Phil Carson: processed cello.


Trio Americano #1

Trio Americano #2

Trio Americano #3