Ordinary Music Vol.9, for piano and little Instruments

The sounds to be virtually contained in a musical instrument, will never solely be “themselves”, as soon as they are interwoven not only in the musical flow of the respective composition, but also embedded a music-historical context. They will always be associated with other music or other sound phenomena, if not actually mediating these associations. This applies particularly to the pianoforte. All the great composers have left their fingerprints on the instrument. In every tangible combination of keys, there resonates an enormous treasure of musical retrospection. The 1st movement demonstrates this, as an improvisation in a quasi-romantic idiom.

In the 2nd movement, the homegeneity of the sound-surface is broken by usage of small instruments (melodica and percussion instruments), combined with the piano keyboard. The focus of attention changes, from an interval orientated listening, to a differenciation of timbres. This is characteristic for the music of the Post-Cage-Continuum.

The 3rd movement is dedicaded to the consistency of soundmass, in terms of densities of clusters, velocities of chromatic races, intensities of attacs, or degrees of damping, by usage of both pedals, as well as a piece of cloth spread across the strings.

A Reprise closes the cycle, returning to the initial chord-scheme.

The piece was premiered in 2009, by the composer, at Amann-Studios, Vienna.