Ordinary Music Vol.6b, for four electric guitars

The piece is actually a portrait of the electric guitar: an instrument whose sound spectrum has been explored and disseminated throughout the history of Rock music, rather than any other music. The particular stimulus of the electric guitar is not least due to a controlled application of distortion and feedback. Due to the excessive integration of disturbing noises, Rock music actually developed to an artform.

Composing for the electric guitar, it seemed only natural, to make my reference to this kontext. However instead of using a Rhythm and Blues framework to structure the music, I rearranged the material as a kind of psychedelic soundscape.

The diagram score provides manuals for generating sound-aggregates, but no parametric information.

The piece was premiered in 2009, at Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg. Ever since it has been performed several times. The present recording was made at Amann Studios, Vienna. On guitars: Berhard Schöberl, Bernhard Rehn, Ludwig Ebner, Nikolaus Gerszewski.