Ordinary Music Vol. 19, for Tabla trio and conductor

I wrote the piece during my two month stay in Calcutta, in 2009. Thinking about the tabla, I was wondering why the instrument has not really found its way to New Music yet, nonwithstanding it’s remarkable spectrum of timbres, due to the three zones of the drumskin, each giving a very distinct sound.

Having the chance to work with three skilled tabla players, all commanding the traditional techniques and patterns of classical indian music, I decided to appropriate this imprint, and treat instrument and player as an entity. Restructuring the material I made use of the traditional techniques of tabla playing (the only technical innovation I contributed, was the use of a dishbrush on the drumskin, to create a white noise), however rejecting the rules of Indian classical composition. Thereby I was able to create timbres and structures that are unfamiliar to, but at the same time refering to both, Indian classical and Western avantgarde music.

The piece was recorded in Jan. 2009, in a studio in Calcutta.