Ordinary Music Vol. 13, for percussion sextet

I wrote this piece under the impression of rehearsing Terry  Riley’s “In C”, on a Xylophone. I adopted from Riley what I enjoyed about the piece: the rythmic flow, the shifting of the patterns and not least the player’s self-relience for entries and exits. Yet I omitted, what I found dispensable for my purposes: tonality and pulse.
The patterns in my piece are always built in half- and fulltone intervals up & down around a reference tone (which is different for each pattern). Meanwhile the indetermiate sucession of patterns opens the possibility of random harmonious chords, or at least semi-harmonious cluster-chords. Thus an idea of a floating tonality might break its way through the “subconscious” of the musical flow.

The piece was premiered by Akros Percussion Collective, at the University of Akron, Ohio, in May 2009.