Simple music (for laymen ensemble) at the opening of Maki Takano's exhibition "Happiness", at Liget Galeria, Budapest.
Founding sonic update, in collaboration with Gustavo Aguilar. Release on zeromoon, netlabel.

Programm der INITIATIVE 21 zum Festival BLURRED EDGES 2010

"String Quartet" (O.M.20), 2.5.2010, Blurred Edges festival of current music, Hamburg (by Ensemble Resonanz)
"Ordinary Music" (revisited), for bassclarinet and doublebass, 11.4., KuLe, Berlin (by Ordinary Music Ensemble)
"Brackets" quartet for multi instrumentalists, 10.4., KuLe, Berlin (by Nelly Boyd-Kreis)
"Conference" for percussion sextet (O.M.23) 8.4.2010, Kent State University, Ohio (by Akros Percussion Collective)
"Solo or Duo" for strings (O.M.30) 26.2.2010, Hamburg, Hörbar (by Johnny Chang & Christopher Williams)
"Transitions" for any way of acustic sound generation (O.M.33) / "Manual" for violin, guitar & doublebass (O.M.33) 20.2.2010, Szeged


"TEXTURES" for creative ensemble (O.M.35) 13.1.2010, Lisbon, Braço de Parata

"Routine" for wind trio (O.M.29) 2.12.2009, Hamburg, Hörbar (by Liz Albee, Jeremy Woodruff, Thomas Österheld)

"Ordinary Music Vol.22, for two percussionists", performed by Hannes Ligens and Rudi Fischerlehner, 10.Sept. 2009, Berlin, Kulturhaus Mitte (free FIIB-series).

"Ordinary Music Vol.13, for Percussion Sextett", performed by ACROS PERCUSSION COLLECTIVE, 3. May 2009, University of Acron, Ohio.

"Ordinary Music Vol.14, for String Trio", performed by TRIO EIS, on BLURRED EDGES (festival of current music), 1.May 2009, Hamburg, Hauptkirche St. Katharinen.

15th April, 2009, Wien, Amann Studios:
"Ordinary Music Vol.9: Sonata for Solo Piano & tiny Instruments"
"Ordinary Music Vol.15, for any sound sources"

"Ordinary Music Vol. 19 for three Tabla players and Conductor", performed by Ranjan De, Partho Dey and Tanmoy Bhattachanya, conducted by Nikolaus Gerszewski, January 27th 2009, Calcutta

CD release "Ordinary Music Vol.3, for string trio & doublebass" on CREATIVE SOURCES REC.

"Ordinary Music" Vol.10, for Piano & Viola" performed by Nikolaus Gerszewski (piano) and Ernesto Rodriguesz (Viola), 6. December 2008, Hamburg, Christianskirche.

"Ordinary Music Vol.12 - Quartet", performed by the ensemble "LEMUR" (Cello, Flute, French Horn, Doublebass), 10. Nov. 2008, Hamburg, Golden Pudel Club.